Paragraph 137 of the Beijing Platform for Action. Chapter IV: Strategic Objectives and Actions

Strategic objective D.3.

Eliminate trafficking in women and assist victims of violence due to prostitution and trafficking

Actions to be taken

137. Refugee, displaced and migrant women in most cases display strength, endurance and resourcefulness and can contribute positively to countries of resettlement or to their country of origin on their return. They need to be appropriately involved in decisions that affect them.

Beijing Declaration (1995)

When we’re looking at much of the documentation of the Beijing Declaration, the stipulations can tend towards and emphasis on a few things ioncluding governmental support, INGO and NGO initiatives and funding and programs, and the world of greater gender equality in decision-making bodies. Each important for a multifaceted solution set for the

(Updated 2018-11-10, only use the updated listing, please) One can find similar statements in other documents, conventions, declarations and so on, with the subsequent statements of equality or women’s rights:

Human Rights
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