Fighting Murphy’s Law With the Law of Attraction

Today, my friend and I went out to deliver some food and earn a couple of quick cash. We woke up early morning with the intention to begin delivering at 7 AM but the grey clouds rolled in. Within minutes, it started to rain.

So we delayed our starting time to 1 PM. As we made our separate ways, that’s when Murphy’s Law started taking place… for my friend.

Based on the Cambridge Dictionary, Murphy’s Law is defined as, “the principle that if it is possible for something to go wrong, it will go wrong:”.

Our initial plan was already ruined by the morning rain. For me, I thought about seizing the rest of the day to the best of my ability. I wished I could say the same for my friend.

Here’s How The Rest Of The Day Went

My point of view

It went better than smooth. The orders came in quickly and the delivery distances were short, meaning I could achieve my targeted earnings quickly. As we were waiting for traffic, someone had extra food so he gave it to me.


I was so grateful for it because just a couple of minutes before it happened, I suggested for us to get food. AND I GOT FREE FOOD. Thank you, God, for making this kind man cross path with me.

The rest of the day went by great for me.

With the permission of my friend, here’s her journey

She started out feeling tired and not really in the mood to do deliveries. As orders came easily for me, she had troubles getting a good, near order.

When the kind man gave us food, I offered to share it with her. She turned it down as she didn’t feel like eating. That’s fine by me as I get to eat more food.

After we separated as I received more orders, guess what happened.

A. Bird. Pooped. On. Her. Nose. Right on her nose.

You’d think things can get any worse but it did. On her delivery journey, her bag toppled over. That caused her to be late for delivery.

Everything that could go wrong, went completely wrong for her. I feel a little guilty about it because when she told me about the poop incident, I immediately said, “maybe it’s a sign that today won’t be your day”.

After planting that seed and she started worrying, that’s when the bag toppled over. Turning to Google, it is speculated that bird poop is actually a sign for good luck.

In the Law of Attraction, thoughts attract corresponding situations and circumstances.

Think about it… What if instead of feeling negative about it, she had thought good luck would come her way? Could things have happened differently?

Good Things Tend To Happen When I’m Around

My sister once asked why good things keep on happening to me. It’s as if nothing bad ever happens. People also have asked how I tend to get what I want.

Now, to be clear, I do experience bad days from time to time. My life used to so dark and I was always sad. That’s a story for another day.

So how to turn things around when everything seems to go against you?

This isn’t some motivational mumbo jumbo. I’m not here to say you will never have a bad day because those days happen.

These are the actual steps I’ve taken to try & counter Murphy’s Law. And to a certain extent, how good things tend to ‘happen to me’.

    1. There are at least 2 perspectives to any given situation. Look for the good side and focus on that. For example, the morning rain ruined our initial plan. Thankfully, we were still home and not stuck in the rain. Being home allowed me to use my laptop and continue writing. If I were stuck in the rain, I couldn’t do anything but wait for it to pass.
    2. Be grateful and appreciative. When something good happens, thank God (if you’re a believer) and the people who made it happen.
    3. Think about what you WANT. When I’m delivering orders, I’m constantly thinking about getting good orders. I try not to have the “I hope I don’t need to go to XXX” thoughts. Instead, I’ll keep projecting, “I want to deliver around this area”. Of course, it won’t be 100% in my favour but my chances are higher.
    4. Breathe and let it go. Life is full of ups and downs so you’ll face adversity at one point. Don’t hold on to the anger. If you keep thinking about it, you’ll attract more negative situations.


If you don’t believe in ‘like attracts like’, that’s fine.

Imagine one morning you woke up late for work and you stub your toe on the wall as you were rushing to get ready. Now, you’re in a foul mood. In your mind, you’ve decided that today simply isn’t your day. You want to quickly get to work and not interact with anyone. The traffic seems particularly slow today. Every single person you meet annoys you. By the end of the day, you feel like the universe is trying to punish you.

All you can do is blame it on Murphy’s Law because everything that could go wrong, went wrong. It simply wasn’t your day.

Now, imagine waking up late for work and you stub your toe on the wall. Instead of getting annoyed at everything and everyone around you, you take a minute to breathe. Then you let it go. Now, you move on your day as if it’s like any normal day. Instead of shouting at your kids to not get in your way, you hug and express your love for your family. They’ll give you their brightest smiles and you leave for work feeling like today will be a good, decent day.

There will be a difference in the outcome.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where Murphy’s Law might be taking place, remember like attracts like. Your mind is a powerful tool and can drastically change the way your day unfolds.

This post was previously published on and is republished here with permission from the author.

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