Life Mastery and Living Happy

After experiencing a catastrophic stroke, Valerie Sheppard woke up to the truth of who she is and found a way to transition into a life of mindfulness and compassion. She joins us on the podcast to share her personal journey of frustration, discovery, and recovery. Valerie gives us some valuable insight on how to find happiness, success, and fulfillment through understanding and giving grace to yourself.

There are many things we do not understand about ourselves, so Valerie breaks down how we can wake up to ourselves and create a new story. She gives us four steps to living happy and emphasizes the importance of getting away from a victim mentality to embrace your body as a vessel and partner. Valerie’s personal transformation is a great inspiration to those of us who want to see ourselves more clearly and master our lives on a whole new level.



  • Valerie’s stroke experience and the aftermath.
  • How she is going about her rehab journey in fun and creative ways.
  • The importance of understanding who you think you are.
  • How her initial drive transitioned into a more compassionate power and leadership style.
  • How emotional turmoil can affect your body.
  • The importance of not taking on a victim mentality.
  • How to view your body as a vessel and a partner.
  • What things are involved in self-mastery.
  • The four steps of living happy.
  • How to harness reality to work for you, not against you.
  • Valerie’s tips for aspiring leaders.
  • Her favorite high-performance tactics to move the needle forward.

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