Heart-Centered Healing

There’s a model of healing I keep coming back to. It’s challenging because it challenges the way we look at healing.

It’s not about fixing the problem.
And that’s the problem.

We’ve been convinced we have to fix the problem, whatever it is.
How about if we didn’t?
How about if there was another way?

The problem with the problem, and fixing it, is the problem is, becomes and remains the focus.
That’s all we try and do, fix the problem.
Everything we do is linked to the problem, one step after another, one healing modality after another.
Without the problem we’d be fine, we’d be happy, we’d be fulfilled, we’d be peaceful… whatever all of that means to us.

Here’s the model.
It’s all about energy.
Everything in our world is an energy, a frequency.
Every colour has a frequency, every sound has a frequency. Every organ in the body has a range of optimal health, anything above or below that is not healthy. Every emotion has a frequency. Everything we do falls into a frequency.
For most of us, the way we live, the energy flows in pretty narrow, constricted, contracted channels.
Energy needs to flow, to move.
What we call problems are blockages in the flow of energy.
The more we focus on the problem, the more we focus on the energy blockage.
And we’ve been convinced we need to fix the problem.

If it’s about energy, and energy is at the base of everything, if we can change the frequency, the situation changes.
We don’t have to fix it.
And often, the more we try and fix the problem, the greater resistance there is to change.

Think about the energy of the problem, the blockage.
It’s heavy, it’s sapping, it’s draining, it’s contractive, it’s constricting.
It keeps us trapped.

The energy of pleasure.
That’s the energy of change, of expansion, of growth, of possibility.
The more we fill ourselves with that energy, the more things change.
Without us having to force change, which we can’t.
We allow change to happen to us.
It’s not passive, it’s not waiting for it.

It’s not ignoring the problems.
We talk about them, acknowledge them, look at them.
Then we do pleasure energy work.
We change the frequency.
Things change.
Blockages release.
Energy flows.

It’s a model of healing through pleasure rather than focusing on the pain.

It doesn’t mean the problems disappear.
They do tend to resolve easier.
We’re able to see things differently, find expanded perspectives and open to new possibilities.

Possibilities are important here.

When we focus on the problem we generally have an idea of how it should be healed, fixed or changed.
Our limited point of view limits what we see.
The wider the energy field we can flow in, flow with, the greater the possibilities for change are.
The energy of pleasure has a higher frequency than that of pain.
Any pain, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual…

Conscious Pleasure Energy is not only sexual, it’s not only about orgasm.
Conscious Sexual Energy is life-force.

It takes a mind-shift to move into a different healing paradigm.
We have to allow some deeply held beliefs to change, to drift away.
We have to be willing to live lives of pleasure, freedom, joy and possibility.
And for many of us as much as we say that, we’d rather stay where we are, and put our energy into fixing the problem.

This paradigm comes from the heart.
Heart-Centered Healing.


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