Conquering Busyness

The balloon ripped through the air knocking into a fence, then getting blown into trees, and a power line. At last, it peacefully flew straight up until it was out of sight.

As I watched this poor balloon getting pounded by the wind, I reflected on my life and yours.

We live in such a busy culture.

We ask, “How are you doing?” “Busy!” “Overwhelmed!” “Slammed!” “Hustling!” Like we get a gold star or brownie button for busyness. I’ve checked and they don’t give those out. I was sorely disappointed and it took me a week to get over it.

You don’t get an award for busyness. In fact, you get treated like that poor balloon.

The wind determined what the balloon did, but if you and I care about putting our mark on this planet, we need to be more like a plane. A plane sets a course, a balloon reacts.

For years I would get to Sunday and look at my week and say, “What do I have to do this week?” Those things would be added to my calendar and that would determine how busy I would be.

Sound familiar? I think most of us operate in this manner, keeping a manic pace until we burnout and lay on the ground and die or at least wish we could die.

Your dream isn’t going to get accomplished this way. You can’t afford to live in this manner.  You and your family deserve better.

The only way to carve out time is to go about your week differently.

You must make a calendar on who you want to become, not what you have to do.

The first step to this is for you to pray. We can easily write down what we want, but as a Christian we should ask God for wisdom.

Then ask yourself, what do I want my life to look like?

When you start making this list you can be tempted to think about what your parents want or close friends. You may also ask yourself, what will people think? Block those things out as much as possible.

On my list of what I want life to look like is to be a writer, coach, and speaker. It is also to have a close relationship with Christ, be physically fit, rested, peaceful, adventurous, tight-knit family, and have a close marriage to name a few.

Let me ask you again, what do you want out of life?

The next question you need to ask is, what activities do I need to do to make my life the way I want?

Wanting is great, but if you aren’t doing anything it isn’t going to happen. Rocket science, isn’t it?

We must plan out what activities we need to do to achieve what we want life to look like. So if I want to be fit physically, I must workout and if I want to be close to Christ I need to spend time with Him.

What activities do you need to plan?

The last thing we must do is to plug in those activities into a calendar.

At this point we need to take our activities and put them into a calendar as an appointment.

On my calendar, I have an appointment with the gym five days a week. I have dinner with my family on the calendar five nights a week. I have quiet time with God for a half hour daily.

These are appointments I will not break.

If someone asks, I have an appointment during those times. I can schedule with them in the open spaces, which are not dedicated to a purpose.

What or who are you going to make an appointment with?

Only when we are proactive with our planning will life begin to change. If you value something, it should make it on your calendar as an appointment. Life is too short; your mission matters too much. Intentionally impact your time and watch it work for you instead of against you. Be blessed on your journey.

How are you intentional with your time?


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